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China LED Light Engine Market Analysis Report 2023?

LED light engine (light engine) refers to the overall combination of LED package (component) or LED array (module), LED driver, and other brightness, thermal, mechanical, and electrical components. The LED light source and LED driver power combined into a module can be called a light engine. If the LED is made into a light engine, it is like an incandescent lamp connected to 220V can light (also need to have its matching heat sink). This will help standardization on the one hand, and the other hand can greatly facilitate the housing (and heat sink) design.
      LED bulb light engine as an example. LED bulb light is mainly composed of three major components: LED light source, constant current drive power supply, heat sink, and shell (including the head and shade). LED light engine bulb light power supply board and LED board into a board, so that the LED bulb light design has a better space to play.
       LED light engine's high reliability, long service life, compact structure, and lower cost features, determine its many advantages: reduced lamps and lanterns manufacturing cost, lamps and lanterns structure is more compact, lamps and lanterns manufacturing threshold is lower, LED industry chain is more streamlined and so on. Light engines generally need to pass the relevant certification, and their market size in the next three years, an increase of more than 30%, and the U.S.-China trade war has not been affected too much for the time being.
      Light engine products to be sold in different countries or regions, need to pass different certification tests. European regions need to pass CE certification, and North American certification requirements are mainly T24, UL, and so on. But not all products require certification, in Southeast Asia, part of the domestic market is not too much requirement, and generally do not need certification.
       LED light engine technology to improve in the next three years, with an average annual increase of 30% -40%. In China, the light engines from 2010 to date after nearly 10 years of development, before 2015, the application of light engines was not a lot, more still belonged to a small range of applications stage, after 2015, began to have more manufacturers involved in the field of light engines one after and to form a certain sales scale. After several years of survival of the fittest, currently still engaged in the light engine business enterprises have a certain strength, including technology, operation, or financial strength. With the LED light engine light efficiency, color rendering, stroboscopic, voltage, anti-surge, and other issues continuing to improve, the future of the light engine application market prospects are broad, are expected to the next three years growth rate of 30% -40%, to 2021, China's light engine market size of about 8 billion yuan.
       LED light engine as a light source product, in this Sino-US trade war, has not had too much impact. According to the China Lighting and Electrical Appliance Association, in the current situation, LED replacement light source products (HS code 85395000) are not on the list for the second round of $200 billion tariff increase. In the past, LED lighting products were included in the HS code 94054090, which was newly set up by the International Customs Organization (WCO) in 2017, coupled with the general rate of tariffs on light source products itself is lower than the general rate of tariffs on lamps and lanterns products, it is expected that in the future, more LED light source products that meet the requirements of this tariff line will be transferred from 94054090 to 85395000, can also be used as a reasonable means of tax avoidance.