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How to buy LED lights and how long do they last?

How to buy LED lights
1, color temperature
General light sources are divided into two kinds of cold and warm colors, and LED is also divided into cold and warm colors mainly, if it is in the bedroom, try to use warm LED lights to create a warm atmosphere. If it is the living room or some public areas, the use of a cold-colored light source is better.
2, color rendering index
Color Rendering Index is abbreviated as CRI, Does not it feel very high? The color rendering index refers to the color of the LED, there are many kinds, and you can according to their home style with a different color scheme. CRI with a direct decision on the style of the presentation is complete, whether with the style.
3、 Lumen
This is the familiar ratio, lumens refers to the lighting index of the lamp, generally the higher the lumens, the stronger the light source. But is not the higher the lumens the better? It is not, as long as it meets the general lighting, it can be, high lumens instead of high energy consumption, over time also hurts the eyes.
How long is the general life of LED lamps and lanterns?
1, LED lamps and lanterns' life is generally believed to be 100,000 hours, and made into a lamp that has to have a certain power, the greater the power, the higher the heat dissipation requirements, if the heat dissipation is not good, the life of the LED is affected.
2, drive power supply and LED lamp life.
3, in the LED lighting industry common LED life value parameters normal should be 30,000 to 50,000 hours.
Incandescent lamp life standard definition of 1,000 hours, but it is a long time to occupy the civilian home lighting market, the important reason is the price advantage.
LED lighting life expectancy has advantages, but the price is discouraged by consumers. LED lamps have a certain life expectancy advantage, there is no need to go overboard to pursue a longer life, such as there is no need to pursue too high luminous efficacy. Compared to the price of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, and lanterns are still at a disadvantage, reducing the cost is the key.
General led lamps and lanterns life is how long?
LED lamps and lanterns should be how to maintain maintenance?
The service life of LED lamps and lanterns is not only related to the quality of lamps and lanterns but also related to the maintenance of lamps and lanterns. LED lamps and lanterns maintenance needs to pay attention to a few points:
First, in the use of lamps and lanterns do not try too frequently, although LED lamps are resistant to switching times of ordinary fluorescent lamps about 18 times, too frequently will still affect the LED lamp's internal electronic components life, thus affecting the life of the lamps and lanterns.
Second, special attention should be paid to, in addition to special LED lamps and lanterns, ordinary LED lamps and lanterns should be avoided in a humid environment. The humid environment will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driver power supply, electronic components moisture, shorten the life of the lamps and lanterns!
Third, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom LED lights, and kitchen stove front lights, should be installed moisture lampshade to prevent moisture invasion, to avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit
Fourth, LED lights are not to use water to clean, as long as the dry rag can be wiped with water, if you accidentally touch the water to try to wipe it dry, do not turn on the lights immediately after wiping with a wet rag.